5 Benefits to Pursuing a Certificate in Counseling to Help Others with Addiction

As you make your way through a drug and alcohol counseling program you might be interested in what benefits you’ll get from pursuing a certificate that will allow you to help others who struggle with addiction and dependence. Whether you’re in a program already and looking for some inspiration and motivation to keep on moving through or you’re just gathering research to help you decide if taking the plunge is right for you, read on to find out what makes a drug and alcohol counseling certificate program so worth it!

Following Your Heart to a Rewarding Career

Probably the most likely reason you’ve chosen to become an addiction counselor is because you want to follow your dreams of helping people. Maybe you discovered a passion for helping people through their substance abuse issues, maybe you have the unique insight because you once struggled with addiction. Whatever the case may be, substance abuse counseling as a profession is often chosen because people love to help others and they have what it takes to do so!

Growth Potential

One of the major advantages of pursuing a career in the field of drug and alcohol counseling is that with the right certifications, you should have no shortage of job opportunities. You may even be able to select from a pool of great jobs that you are qualified for because substance abuse counselors are in high demand. With the ACA, provisions were made so that insurers must provide coverage for mental health and substance abuse services, this, in turn, helps guarantee the funding for jobs in this market.

Options for Practice

Many drug and alcohol counselors enter the field in the outpatient treatment setting because of the availability of jobs. Outpatient work is an excellent place to start or an excellent place to stay but as we’ve mentioned before, there are many opportunities afforded to you with this certification. You’ll be able to choose from a range of career paths and you may even follow a path you would never have considered!

Certification is an Excellent Stepping Stone

Because specialists in the field of drug and alcohol services and counseling can practice in a range of fields on a range of levels, you can take comfort that your certification can also be used as a stepping stone. You know that you can find employment right away, but if you want to further your education, deepen your knowledge base, and have a larger scope of practice, a drug and alcohol certificate is an excellent stepping stone to do so.

Being a Mentor

Being a substance abuse counselor is a lot more than just a job or a career, it is truly a lifestyle. Whether or not you come from first-hand experience of addiction, when you study to become a counselor, you begin a journey that shapes you as a person. You don’t only help shape a client’s future, they help shape yours. Part of the lifestyle that you take on in this field is getting to be a mentor. You’ll mentor many people, from all social classes, and you’ll find that some of the biggest changes you’ll see happen within yourself.

Helping others with addiction and substance abuse by pursuing a certification program has its challenges but the benefits and rewards of the career choice and plenty. If you have a passion for helping others and you enjoy the fields of counseling and substance abuse, it’s really a no-brainer. Why not reward yourself with a career you love and enjoy?