5 Features You Must Check During A Test drive

Buying a used car is an easy yet complicated process. You need to evaluate so many things before finally deciding if you will purchase that car. A test drive for a used car is a must. In case you want a second hand used Hyundai Verna car in Bangalore, this article is for you. It entails all the main features you need to inspect during a test drive.

Do a leak test

Drive for a while then park the car in an area where visible traces of any leakage will be noticed. Allow the car to run for 30 seconds. Move the vehicle to a different location and inspect for any leakage. Pink fluid means there is a problem in the transmission system. Black fluid means the oil is leaking. Green fluid means the anti-freeze is leaking.

Lighting system

All the lights should be fully functional and in good shape. Any foggy lights are a clear indication the car was exposed to large amounts of water. Check for other signs of water damage.


They should be functioning well. Inspect them and also the condition of the tires. Brakes function well with good tyres that are not worn out. Note down and squeaks coming from them. Brakes play a big role in driving during bad weather. You should be able to have full control of the car at all times.

Engine condition

It’s advisable to physically inspect it before and after the test drive. If possible, involve your mechanic. They have more experience of what to look out for. Listen for any funny sounds, smoke, and signs of overheating coming from the engine.


Check on all the mirrors for any cracks. This includes the rear view mirror, side mirrors, and any potential blind spots. Make sure you can clearly see all parts of the road using the mirrors. Do not settle for mirrors that are not clear. If you are not comfortable, consult the seller to replace them for you.