A Messiah Who Is Spreading The Message Of God To The World

Every human being is unique in his/her own way. In order to attain happiness every individual needs to have a purpose, which he/she must fulfill in the journey most people call life.  However, this journey is never a smooth one and everyone encounters challenges and obstacles, which he/she must overcome to reach his/her full potential.  In this path, most people find that their mettle is put to the test to determine whether they are worthy of carrying on to accomplish their life’s purpose. However, there are those who find this road to so formidable, difficult and dark that a sense of hopelessness grips them. They feel like giving up all expectations of living. This is where they need the help of a spiritual leader to lead them to the path of salvation.Image result for tb joshua

Spreading the message of God to his flock

TB Joshua is a prominent spiritual leader and head pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, which most people in Nigeria refer to as SCOAN. He says his mission in life to spread the message of God and love among the people who come to his church to seek deliverance. He explains that demonic powers exist to lead people to temptation and lead them to their doom. However, he says God loves his flock and protect them from such forces. Moreover, by accepting his presence as a higher power and recognizing his strength, he will show his people the true path.

He goes on to explain that it is possible to attain peace among the peoples of all faiths living in different continents only by spreading the message of love among them. Regardless of how powerful demonic forces may be they will eventually perish in the presence of God’s love.  This is the reason why it is important to have faith in God and he will show the people he loves the path to righteousness.

Miracles in his life that came true

He tells the story of how he was born into this world after being in his mother’s womb for 14 months.  His mother could not feel the baby in her womb for several months in spite of visiting many doctors. Then an old man told her to have faith in God and rely only on prayers. This man’s predictions eventually came true and after 14 months, he came into this world by the grace of God. He explains that miracles do occur in this world and story of his born is an example of one.

He goes on to narrate the tale of a farmer, hunter, and warrior by the name of Balogun Okoorun, who live 100 years ago. He predicted that a powerful and righteous man would be born in his clan, who would have millions of followers. In addition to this, he further prophesied that his original town would relocate back to Imo in the North of Arigidi.This second prediction is about TB Joshua himself, which came true in 1952. He is that famous and powerful man from the Oosin quarters who spreads the word of God among this sea of faithful followers regardless of their race, color and culture.