Bali Tourism and Its Attractive Destinations

Bali is great destination for holiday. People can find a lot of things in Bali tourism. There are many destinations to visit. One of them is Ubud village. This village has been dedicated for tourists. Of course, there are great things to find in this village. The village is also called as the heart of cultural heritage in Bali. People can see the local culture in this village and they can learn the awesome heritage that is kept well for years. There are some important museums related to the Bali’s history. There are also great views of paddy fields. Many craft shops can also be found, even tourists can see how they make the handicraft. This can be great village and tourists can stay in the villages, even they can have interaction with the local people living in this village to learn more about culture of Bali.

Then, Bali is also great for its beaches. There are many beaches found in bali tourism. The beaches are worth to explore and they have great things to offer. People will never get bored to see the beaches in Bali since all of them have many kinds of attractions to offer.

  • In this case, Kuta will always be the first beach to visit. This is the most famous beach in Bali and this beach never sleeps. There will always be activity during day and night. One of the good things to do in this beach is about the surfing. The waves have been so famous for surfers from all over the word.
  • Then, there is Seminyak Beach. Seminyak has become exclusive destination for vacation. There are many resorts, restaurants, even luxury hotels. The beach is also beautiful with its nice spot for water sport.
  • Then, there is Jimbaran as other reference of beach. This beach is calmer and it is great place to enjoy the beauty of beach. There is also shopping destination to find many kind of good things about Bali.

Then, this island is also great for its temples. There are many kinds of temples and the temples can be the great choice of Bali tourism and explore the beauty of this local culture.

  • For the temple, there is Pura Besakih. This is located on the foot of Mount Agung or Gunung Agung based on how local people mention it. This temple can be the most important temple in Bali since it is the biggest temple and it is also called as the mother of all temples in Bali. This temple is built to protect the island from evil. Based on the myth, it is said that there is dragon in the mountain.
  • Then, the other good temple is Tanah Lot. This is the perfect spot to see sunset. The location of this temple is right on the bank of the ocean and it is on the rock. With this location, people can enjoy direct view of ocean and its brewing wind. Then, they can also see beautiful sunset.

Related to sunset, there is Uluwatu temple. As the Tanah Lot, this is also sea temple; even it is the most important sea temple. Sunset can also be watched from this temple.  Then, there is also famous dance performance called Kecak that can be seen in this temple.