Check your brake line for problems

If you want to ensure your brakes are efficient, you should consider checking them. There are several ways you can determine whether there are any problems by checking the brake line.

What causes problems with the brake line?

The brakes can become easily worn, here are just a few ways that they can be affected:

Weather – Severe weather can cause your brakes to work harder than they would under good conditions.

Where – Where do you drive? Is the terrain smooth or undulating? Depending on the surface, your tyres will become worn down, so it’s essential you regularly check the brake line and replace the brake hose if need be!

Driving style – The way you drive can play an influential part on the quality of your brake hose. If you drive erratically, your brake hose won’t last as long.

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What do you need to look for?

A brake hose shouldn’t be spongy or slack, hard or brittle, if it is, this is a firm indicator that there’s a problem with the braking system. A brake hose should be firm yet flexible so, if it’s anything but, you should contact BrakeQuip for expert advice!

Are there any cracks in the brake line? To see this, you’ll more than likely need to bend the hose to carefully investigate. If there are any cracks, the quality is compromised and you’ll need to replace it sooner rather than later.

Chafe marks are caused by friction, it’s ideal you replace your brake hose if it appears to have been scratched and scraped. Likewise, if there are blisters and bubbles. These can cause all sorts of problems, it’s about finding them before they cause any damage!
Don’t ignore bulging and expansions of brake hoses. Count these as your warning that there’s a fault with your brakes. A brake hose is only expected to last, on average, 6 years- they don’t last forever!

If your vehicle pulls to one side of the road when braking, you need to check your brake line, as the chances are there is a fault within the braking system. There could well be a restriction or a blockage in the braking system, BrakeQuip are always on hand to provide you with peace of mind.

What to do?

Replacing brake lines.

If you identify an issue with your brake line, you’ll need to repair the system, whether it’s a brake hose or tube. BrakeQuip can supply you with a high-quality OEM Rubber Brake Hose, which is suitable for working at temperatures  between -50°C and 121°C. If you drive in all-weather, you’ll appreciate the fact that an OEM Rubber Brake Hose has moisture and weather resistance also.

A stainless steel brake hose is braided and can reduce any problems with the brake line. You needn’t worry about replacing a brake hose with a stainless steel brake hose because they can match the colours of the wheels, providing a discreet finish. The fitting and quality are synced too, so you have the opportunity to upgrade the overall appearance and performance of your brakes!

BrakeQuip are more than happy to help you with any problems and can suggest which brake hose is most suitable for your needs – Call us today 01257220010!