Cultural Impact of History Studies in Present Times

History carries an important role in the life of the citizens, as they can be made aware of the rich cultural heritage and the literary developments that made their way in previous eras. People mostly get bored reading the history lessons or the books that are concerning the history of their country. With the introduction of technical and more logical subjects, people are moving away from the history of their own land. Orlando Figes believes that from the historians view it is quite necessary for students and youngsters to know about their history. It will help them to know about the heritage and the sacrifices people have made to attain the freedom.

Reviving of Cultural Past

In the present times, it can be seen that the arts subjects especially history subject is not seen in the same pursuit as other reasoning and professional subjects. The historians are doing their best to revive the nation’s past culture and to make people understand its importance to the people. However, the present day youngsters are not interested in the history learning so for the revival of the past event the writer and renowned history professor Orlando Figes has been putting up the podcasts, seminar links, audios etc. on his website.

According to him, these things interests’ students and youngsters a lot, as they get detailed subject knowledge and they can think on their own too. The rich culture and the sacrifices people of early centuries made are also highlighted in the novels that have affected the common people too. Many historians have written many novels that have shown the plight and the culture that prevailed in the previous ages. These things have started developing the interests of the people and most of them are working towards preserving the past heritage by joining communities or social groups.

Encouraging the Literary Tradition

While going through the Russian history it can be seen that the literary writers, artists etc. were restricted to write their own opinions about the ongoing events that can be related to revolution and much more. Due to political and administrative control, they were bounded by the government and were not able to present the real picture in front of the common people.

However, after the Stalin’s Death and selection of Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev the rigid rules were removed. The writers and the artists were able to present the realistic picture and they were encouraged to revive the literary tradition. After this, many historians came and went but no restrictions were imposed and they were able to present their viewpoint in front of the citizens. The real picture of the present day Russia and the literary condition was kept in front of the people.

Therefore, it can be seen that with the support from the Great Russian leaders the writers, professors and the artists were able to provide the realistic picture of the historical events. Even the present day professors are also able to help people through their writings to know about the rich cultural past and events of the country.