Did You Hear The Story Of Lebron James Regarding Steroid Use?

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You must have heard the rumor spreading across the social media about Lebron James, who is accused for using some performance enhancing drugs. As a matter of fact he also has admitted that at certain point of time he has consumed testosterone under the advice of his doctor for medical reasons. People therefore conclude that perhaps that is reason he got unfair advantage while playing basketball match. The authorities are little soft so far as penalizing any player for steroid use for basketball game is concerned. It is a known fact that most of the professional athletes are taking some or the other steroids for last 50 years. The trend had stated from the year 1954 itself while Russian body builders showed the way.

Did James really take steroids?

James has not been publicly penalized by NBA yet, as there was no clear admission by him about using steroids for performance improvement. However there are plenty of circumstantial evidences available that he did. Many of his fans noticed that his hairline was receding very fast which can be considered as a sure sign of using certain steroids like Dianabol, Anadrol, Testosterone or Deca Durabolin.

According to Jose Canseco a well known writer about sports, steroid use in basketball is very common and therefore it is not a matter of any surprise that Lebron James must also have used various substances to improve his performance during the match. Also many people who support use of steroids claim that nowadays professional players can never reach to great heights, without the use of steroids.   

What is the real problem with steroids?

In many countries steroids may not have so much restriction like in the USA, Canada or UK. Here one cannot legally buy steroids without doctor’s prescription. However there are hundreds of steroid suppliers available online and athletes can source them for their performance enhancement from any of these sources. Also many athletes can easily find a doctor who can give him prescription for steroids.

Any anabolic steroid can be very effective in building lean muscles that one cannot achieve merely with exercises and regular diets. However these steroids are very susceptible to various kinds of side effects. Many of these problems could be very serious in nature and may ruin the total life of a person. Since steroids are not usually taken under strict medical guidance and hence the chances side effects is quite high.