Find Out the True Mileage of a Used Car

Buying a new car is a lot easier than buying a used car. In new cars you know the mileage and the performance that you will get. But in used cars, it is hard to find out the true mileage. So what are the indicators that you should look at carefully when trying to estimate the mileage of used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore?

Odometer: This is the most common and obvious factor that you should consider. However, people have raised concerns that odometers of used cars can be rolled back. The numbers can be rolled back to misguide a buyer. To counter this problem, OEMs came out with digital odometers. But it is still not impossible to tamper with a digital one.

Rust: This is the most easily noticeable thing on a car that has seen a rough use. Although rust can be hidden by a paint job, a bad paint job makes it more obvious. It will either bubble right under the surface or there will be a visible perforation. The trick is to check if the car has original paint or has been repainted.

Suspension: This cannot be seen by the naked eye but can definitely be identified through a test drive. A car that has been roughly used will have damaged suspension and a misalignment of tyres. A simple test drive can help you identify these problems.

Engine Oil Levels: Cars that do not get regularly serviced tend to form black oil rings. This burning engine oil shows that the car has been used without proper servicing for a long time. Lack of proper engine oil will also affect the clutch operations. Interestingly, most of the pre-owned car sellers don’t change their engine oil when they take the car out for inspection.