Frequently Asked HAZWOPER Questions

As we have seen our fair share of professionals looking for a HAZWOPER certification, we know all of the most commonly asked questions, most pressing concerns, and biggest worries for those looking to complete the training. While you are certainly encouraged to wait for your certification course to learn all these answers for yourself, you can also use this handy cheat sheet which will provide you with some upfront insight.

Who needs HAZWOPER training?
This training is required by a few distinct groups of employers, who require their employees to regularly come into contact with potentially harmful substances. These groups of employers include clean-up operations, corrections, emergency response operations, as well as operations that involve the treatment, storage, or disposal of hazardous waste.Image result for Frequently Asked HAZWOPER Questions

How long is the training?
The length of each training session can vary between eight, 24, and 40 hours. The amount of time is determined on a case by case basis and finding out for sure will mean speaking with your employer. In most cases, refresher training is required once every 13 months, in 24 or 40 hour courses.

What should I look for in a training course?
The whole idea behind HAZWOPER training is to get a direct experience with practices and equipment within a safe and controlled context. The best trainers are those who can provide both. Expertise on the part of the trainer is a big factor that determines exactly how “safe” or “controlled” the situation will be, and so looking for a recommendation is a good way to go. Additionally you want to find a program that will fit your schedule, and so looking for flexible timing options is something else to consider.

Are online training courses available?
Online courses may meet the requirements of certain refresher courses, but it is important to check with your employer first. However in these cases it is important to supplement online training, with hands-on experiences and the opportunity to ask questions.

I lost my certificate! How can I get a new one?
If you misplaced your training certificate, the person to get in touch with is your training supervisor or employer. OSHA does not keep records of training completion. Employers may not refuse to present training certificates on request.

Is my certification up to date?
Check with your employer to see how often you are required to take refresher courses, or when your next eight, 24, or 40 hour course is required. If you missed your most recent refresher course then signing up ASAP is a priority. If enough time has passed, then it may be necessary to retake the full course to regain your certification. Each time frame will be on a case-by-case basis, and so checking with your employer is the best place to start.