Have you tried Cannabis Microdosing?

Cannabis has been found to be most effective as a treatment solution for many conditions. It is different from the likes of alcohol and painkillers by the fact that you do not have to keep increasing the dose of cannabis that you take in order to feel the same effect. In some cases, long term users of cannabis have found that they in fact need to take less cannabis in order to get the same effect.

This idea that you don’t need to keep increasing the dose taken in order to achieve the same effect is backed up by science. In effect, you can only get so “high”. If you were to keep drinking alcohol, you would get increasingly drunk and ultimately there will come a point where you will die if you were to keep drinking non-stop. As you know, there is no such thing as having an overdose of cannabis.

THC and CBD are two components found in cannabis, and each strain has a different concentration of each. THC and CBD are called cannabinoids. The human body is actually able to produce these cannabinoids – called endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids are very important for memory, controlling appetite and managing pain. They also have a part to play in reducing anxiety and helping you get off to sleep.

The human body has its very own endocannabinoid setup which contains receptors, to which endocannabinoids are able to attach to. Cannabinoids are also able to attach to these receptors. The body only has a finite number of these receptors, so once they are full, there is no other place for these cannabinoids to attach. This means that once you’ve reached “full capacity”, there is nothing for the overflow of cannabinoids to attach to and subsequently, the excess cannabinoids will not have any effect on the human body. This means you can’t get any “higher” once all the receptors have been filled.

On discovering this myself, I tried reducing the amount of cannabis I used. I found I was able to attain a “high” with a very small amount of cannabis, which was enough to help me reduce pain, and boost my mood. Because I only had a little bit, I didn’t feel groggy and I experimented with different doses in order to settle upon an amount that produced a therapeutic benefit, yet not making me feel stoned. It was at this point that marijuana microdosing became second nature to me.

If you’d like to try this for yourself, maybe try using around 50% of what you would normally use, and see if you can still attain a therapeutic benefit from this dosage. If it works, your stash will last a lot longer! I ended up using a quarter of what I was using, so the savings are immense. Let us know if you have tried cannabis microdosing. Do you have a good experience of microdosing?