How Clear Communication Helps the Teacher-Student Relationship to Grow?

Each and every professor has their own litany excuses which their students have used in the recent past to bunk classes, but have not worked, and the most common being the funeral excuses. Those who have been teaching in schools and colleges, and have been dealing with the students all long, believe that students must be honest with their own mistakes, and hence focus over the remainder. Generally, such acceptance of the mistakes are not found much, but when it actually does, that particular level of maturity actually leaves the professors, favorably inclined towards the assessment of the students in class.

Even when the college students are not bending over such silly excuses to save their annual grade point, interacting with the college professors is actually a way lot tougher than the age old strategies that used to work in the primary school days. All the students who need to address their academic issues with the professors must come up and navigate through the generation gap and even the pre-conceived power discrepancies both of which actually prove to be intimidating enough.

Christopher Manente is an education professor at Rutgers- the State University of New Jersey, which is located in Camden, New Jersey. While he needs to deal with thousands of students each and every single day, he has seen that some of the common practices actually help the students maximize their chances of resolving such challenges which arrive while communicating with the teachers.

  • In most of the cases, students have a claim that professors mostly turn out to be a tyrant for being highly inflexible with their deadlines. The problem that esteemed professors find is the lack of maturity in the students. While there’s ample time to complete the assignments, most of the students rely on the do-or-die days to finish them, and that brings in the desired results. Christopher has found out that most of the students do not have the responsibility which is needed to accept it, and hence come up with numerous problems every now and while. Experts believe that it is better to learn all these in a supportive environment, where the teachers are very much on the side of the students and want them to realize the potential that they have within.
  • One of the most egregious mistakes that most of the students commit is waiting too long to discuss their grade with their teachers and professors, even after knowing the fact that they need to maintain a certain grade point in an average, to keep up the scholarship of the financial aid that they have been receiving. While the 13th or the 14th week comes up in a term, they get to realize of their shortage and hence turns up to the Professors with their crisis. Christopher Manente believes that students must take the proactive initiation to discuss their grade goal with their teachers and sort it out in time.

A student-teacher relationship is a unique one, and the entire relationship stands on communication. The better it is, the cleaner and healthier it stays.