How to Prepare for Your Next Move

Moving to a new location is sometimes overwhelming.  However, with advanced planning and preparation, you will be ready to go on moving day. Since it’s likely you’ll know at least a month in advance that you will be moving, use these tips as a week-by-week guide to prepare to move and remember to use your local moving company NJ.

Four Weeks Prior to Moving

Notify your current landlord of your plans to move and contact a moving company.  Whether you live just outside of New York City or in another part of the state, an experienced moving company NJ is the best way to go for making a move. This is also the time to begin notifying businesses of your move.  Go online with the US Postal Office to notify them of your move.  If you have children and they will change schools as a result of the move, notify each of the schools so that school records are transferred on time. Image result for How to Prepare for Your Next Move

Three Weeks Prior to Moving

Now is the time to start packing.  Purchase packing supplies such as tape, packing paper, boxes, and sharpies for labeling.  Begin with packing up seasonal items that you are not currently using.  Gadgets and accessories that aren’t used often can also go in boxes at this time.  As you are going through clothes, accessories, and other belongings, make a stack of things that you no longer need or use.  Donate these to charity, give away to friends, or have a garage sale to make a little extra moving cash.

Two Weeks Prior to Moving

As you get closer to moving time, try to use up the food in your pantry.  Only buy what groceries and supplies you will need for the next few weeks.  Begin packing items in each room and label what room they go in so that your moving company NJ will know which rooms to take the boxes to at your new location.  Confirm your moving date with the movers and send them any pertinent information they need in advance of the move.  Tie up any loose ends such as ending cable and utilities at your current location and starting up services at the new one.

One Week Prior to Moving

Now it is crunch time.  Finish packing and labeling boxes.  Defrost and clean any major appliances that will be moved. Follow up once more with your moving company NJ and get some cash out to tip the movers on the big day.  Have each family member pack a suitcase of clothes and toiletries. Keep valuables and important documents with you during the move.  Clean your old place and turn over the keys to the landlord.  And finally, enjoy your new home!