Law and Online Buyer of Used Car: Rights and Conditions

The increasing availability of used cars in the market has made it possible for average Indian family to own a car now. The average age of an Indian owning a car is coming down. The younger generation is also confidently engaging in online buying of used Ford Figo in Bangalore. However, the online channels are also susceptible to problems. So here are 3 precautions that can help you protect yourself.

Understand Your Rights as a Buyer

You can only take legal action in cases of dispute if you are aware of your legal rights as a buyer. The law protects you as a buyer on online channel in the same manner that it does in offline channel. However, your claim will depend largely on the condition of the car when you bought it. You have to be able to prove that the condition of the car as described by the seller during the sale does not match. You also need to show that you paid the purchase price in good faith without being aware of the fault in the car.

Dispute Resolution by Website

Although not all the websites offer dispute resolution services between seller and buyer, some websites do offer this. They have their own dispute resolution policy in place which you need to read and be aware of. This policy may stipulate some guidelines for raising a dispute and the timelines within which it has to be done.

Check for Car Certification

There are some websites who sell certified as well as non-certified cars. If you are going to purchase from these websites, then always check if the car is certified by the website or not. If it is certified, then ask who has certified the car and to show you the certification report.