Making Moving Home a Breeze

Moving house is an exciting time for many people, whether it is a family move, or buying your first home. But things can very quickly spiral into chaos if you don’t have the correct help on moving day. Planning the move and ensuring you hire a good removal company can help keep things in order.

Here are 8 tips for an easy move.

  • Get organised in plenty of time

Don’t leave anything till last minute, unless you have been put under a time scale to get out of a property then chances are you will have enough time to plan the move thoroughly.

  • Figure out a strategy to moving

If you are using a removal company, consider if there’s anything you can do before they arrive to make the job easier. Is there anything you can do yourself to reduce costs?

  • Keep your removal company in the loop

Boxes are easy to shift but when it comes to big, heavy furniture its important you let your removal company know what to expect. Also how much you have to move in total including all minor details so they can give you details on cost and time

  • Take the opportunity to purge

Moving home is one of the best chances to get rid of items you no longer need. On your moving day you really would benefit from not moving unnecessary items.

  • Be ready for the removals company on the day

Being organised and packed up on the day when your removals people turn up will save you a lot of time and stress.

  • Pack cleverly

Ensure that when you pack up all of your things you do so in an organised fashion. Ensuring that boxes are labelled and packed neatly can stop any damage being caused and also save a lot of time at your new house.

  • Protect your valuables

If you have anything precious, ensure that it is wrapped up well to stop it being damaged during the move.

  • Take inventory

This is even more important if you’re using a removals company, having a record in writing of all of your items is useful in case something goes missing. Some people like to make a spreadsheet with the contents in each box and number them accordingly.

Many London house removals will provide you with all of the equipment you need and also offer you advice and help in the whole process of moving, but still be sure to do enough planning yourself to make the move as easy as possible.