New Year, New House: Things You Need to Know

 New year, new house? Are you planning on moving home in 2017, wanting a new start to the new year? Well don’t worry because we can provide you with key tips on how to make the moving day stress-free. Many people worry about moving due to the amount of things you have to think about and plan for in preparation for the day. However it can be enjoyable and simple if you follow some tips and advice.

Tips for Making the Day Stress-Free

  • The first thing what you need to do is declutter your home. This means going through each room and simply throwing or giving away the items you no longer need. Not only does this make the room look tidier but it will also save time and room on the day of moving.
  • It is always useful to pack a box which has the essentials in, for example toilet paper, light bulbs, snacks and drinks. This is means you’re able to settle in straight away and make yourself at home.
  • It could be extremely helpful to hire yourself a removals company to help you, not only will this mean you don’t have to do as much manual work but alsoit will let you focus on the little things like keeping your children occupied or getting paper work sorted.
  • Are you going to unpack slowly? Wanting to move things in a day at a time, well it could be useful if you designated a specific room to a storage one.
  • If there is stuff you’re leaving in your old home, or throwing out, then it could be useful to write down a list of the things which you need to get in preparation for your new home, for example curtains or furniture.
  • Everybody hates wires, and one of the things more annoying than wires is untangling them and trying to work out what it belongs to. This is why we advise you to label each wire and state what it’s for. Not only does this make it easy when unpacking but makes it a lot easier when it comes to reconnecting things.
  • Removal boxes are always essential to any move. This is whether it is an office, home or even transporting a few items to a different room. However, there are some key things which you need to do in order for removal boxes to live up to their full potential including the labelling of the boxes – stating what room they need to go to, and always making sure that you label the boxes if there are any breakables in them. In addition to this is can be useful to pack similar items together to save time when unpacking.
  • The last thing anyone wants to do after moving home is go out for their food shop. That’s why we advise people to do online shopping, not only will everything be pre-paid for, but they are delivered right to your front door making everything that much easier.

We’re positive that if you follow just a few of these tips then your day will become a lot more enjoyable and a lot less stressful. Happy moving and happy living!