SCRUB CAPS- Fashion in Drab Places

Decency standards require lawyers to argue in suits, athletes to compete in sportswear and medical professionals to labor in scrubs.   While each of these outfits serve job related functions, an average set of scrubs lack the style of a tailored suit jacket or the liberty of vibrant sports team uniforms. Medical professionals are not often afforded self-expression through the fashion of stylized scrubs.

The color of scrubs are purposefully designed to indicate the department that a nurse or doctor is assigned to. In the efficient and results driven industry of medicine, personalizing the color or design of uniform scrubs can be out of place. However, there are ways to achieve stylized scrubs outfits, while adhering to uniform standards. SCRUB CAPS offer medical professionals the unique chance to express individuality that keep within dress codes.   Unique SCRUB CAP patterns and colors catch the eye of patients and staff; lending an air of creativity to a sterilized hospital environment.Image result for SCRUB CAPS- Fashion in Drab Places

Chemistry between employees can be spurred through an influx of individualized office wear. Additionally, a cheery office attitude will relax patients who might suffer from white coat syndrome. Trips to the doctor’s office are not necessarily a joyous occasion, but having any reason to smile can be a treat for patients and staff. SCRUB CAPS provide a unique flare that will attract positive attention, create smiles and become a topic for bonding between patients and medical staff.

An interesting SCRUB CAP can be a conversation starter for staff and patients. There are an assortment of unique designs such as bright or soft colors, simple patterns and intricate designs. The addition of a SCRUB CAP can be the simple solution to pepping up standard medical wear.

The evolution of attire reflects changes in society and sub-culture. The origins of fashion in the medical industry are rich in symbolism. Masks and body paint were common dress for mystics of the ancient world.   However, modern hospital staff members wear purpose driven scrubs that lack aesthetic value. The sociological and psychological benefits of aesthetic clothing will advance medical wear.   Fashion is a form of communal bonding and expression that benefits team building.  SCRUB CAPS are practical, fun and the next evolutionary step in medical wear fashion.