Successful Project Management Example: Ocean’s Movie

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You are absolutely watching the “Ocean’s” movie series. Ocean’s first film, Ocean’s 11. In the film, George Clooney, whose surname Ocean is Ocean, makes a perfect casino robbery with his team of 11 people. The movie channels I have been subscribed to have recently started publishing the movie again and again, and I watch it almost every time I watch it. The first time I watched to capture details, the last time I watched the project manager thought I thought how perfect the project was and I received some notes to share with you. Here are my notes as project manager:

  1. First we see the progeny key name Danny Ocean (George Clooney). Danny is the project manager, extremely cool, bloody, and visionary and a good planner. In this film, we observe the classical “cool” George Clooney attitudes we are familiar with from other actor’s films, this time as a wonderful project manager. The viewer shows how visionary, how good planner and how cool the boss should be.
  2. Danny’s first job is to find the right people for the job. It really finds the right people. Saul (Carl Reiner), who will play a rich role that will leave the trust in the city, will give the technology expert who will turn off electricity to the whole city from Linus (Matt Damon), who can be considered as “king of pocket thieves” for the near pocket theft. The Chinese Yen (Shaobo Qin) are included and included in the project. Of course, we understand that all the work to be done from here is planned in advance to the sub-breakdowns, that is, it forms the WBS and provides employment accordingly. A thorough description of the scope, elaboration and assignment of the appropriate resources to the required activities is the basis for the success of the project.

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  1. As I said, in fact, he has already planned the details to WBS, but we see these parts, which are not seen in the film when he tells the project team about the plan. Here he shares the scope with the stakeholders and answers the questions. Rusty (Brad Pitt) is also talking when he answers the questions. We watch Brad Pitt in this movie again with a cool bloody and constant snack. He is the key man of the project manager’s right-hand progeny. Tracking the details during the management and monitoring of the mission prospect is to avoid possible disruptions. A kind of Risk Management. Stakeholders should know the role of the stakeholders in the project and their contributions to the project, and consent should be given to when and what task is expected of them.

Today, a robbery cannot be made free, investment is needed for sure. Nevertheless, getting to the top to get into the proper clothes, getting the equipment necessary to cut the electricity of the city at the right time, and so on. There is. Therefore, I need a sponsor. Danny and Rusty play Reuben (Elliott Gould)’s door, smelling riches of details, such as the handcuffs at the poolside and the golden cuffs on the neck. The wanted blood was found and sponsored. The effective management responsibilities of the costs incurred will also be the responsibility of project manager Danny in the area of ​​Cost Management. Cost Management is one of the areas under the management responsibility of the project manager and the project manager is responsible for the project sponsor in terms of budget management.

Coordination is a must for the progeny, of course. Project stakeholders have to coordinate with each other even if they act on their behalf. They keep one of the hotel rooms of the gambling house, set up cameras and mechanisms, track all the teamwork, travel the prosecution and give the feedback to the headphones of the stakeholders through the microphone to get to know each other and know the right time. Project Integration Management is a management information field that deals with all project management information fields and all project actions in coordination with each other. It is especially important for the control and management of the change that will take place in any action of the project.

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  1. The risks are predetermined, the risk holders are defined and everyone realizes the risk response action against the defined risk at the appropriate time. The casino is followed closely by 7/24 cameras. Then if you want to be hidden, you can get a balloon inside, and you can close the angle of view of the camera with your balloons. Please tell you, Risk Management. The risk is defined and the right action is applied by the right person at the right time to reduce the risk. Identify possible events, effects and probabilities that may affect the project results in risk management and develop response strategies against these risks.

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