The Addict’s Defense: 5 of the Most Popular Excuses Used by Substance Abusers

Everyone is telling you that your addiction is out of control and you should seek help immediately. “There are rehab centers in California that can help with your problem,” your uncle says. Even your mom believes that professional assistance is in order. “I love you,” she exclaims, “that’s why I’m telling you.” They’re all overreacting, though. You’re not addicted and even if you are, the option of quitting is right at your fingertips. Welcome to the world of denial. Here are five more statements that other addicts such as yourself may say before realizing the need for professional intervention. 

“I have a lot on my mind. Drugs and alcohol just calm my nerves.”

While life’s challenges have a way of knocking all of us down, not everyone reaches for the bottle every time things go wrong. Coping with your limitations is a skill that therapists at rehab centers in California and throughout the United States can teach. They can show you how to face your fears head-on instead of hiding behind drugs and alcohol.Related image

“I drink for social gatherings. It’s all business.”

Such statement would be true if alcohol weren’t the first thing on your grocery list. You bring a flask filled with your beloved beverage to the party just in case the host decides to make it an alcohol-free gathering.  What part of that does not scream addiction?

“What I do is my business. I’m not hurting anyone else.”

Statistics show that nearly thirty people die every day in America as a result of an individual’s decision to drive while intoxicated. Hundreds of families have been torn apart because of substance abuse, and thousands have mourned the loss of loved ones who could not kick their habits long enough to realize that their choices affected everyone connected to them. Drug and alcohol addictions are anything but private. 

“Detox is worse than being an addict.”

There is no easy way to recovery. The truth is that regaining your life will be hard work and there will be times when treatment seems like the more torturous decision. It is important to remember the ultimate goal in these moments. You are fighting for your right to have a life that does not include substance abuse. Your mission is to be present in every moment instead of letting drugs and alcohol take you away from priceless occurrences with the family.

“Seeking help is a sign of weakness.”

Around 23 million Americans over the age of 12-years-old battle with drug or alcohol addiction. Few of those millions admit that they have a problem and seek help on their own. Your decision to check into one of many rehab centers in California is not a sign of weakness but rather an indication of strength. You are one of the few deciding to go against the tide by finding another way of doing life.