Top 5 Things You Should Do in Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, the most northern capital in the world, famous for hedonistic lifestyle and the image of a hectic port and colorful picturesque streets, mesmerizing nature and interesting architecture is also well-known for its rich nightlife, beautiful nature, and good music. When it comes to travelling, people with the most diverse tastes will be satisfied with touristic offer of the Icelandic Capital. Here are the top 5 attractions in Reykjavik you must visit.

Get inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano

If you are the adrenaline addict, you will certainly not miss this attraction. It ranks No. 1 on our list, as this getting inside a volcano is among the most unique and exciting attractions one can experience in Iceland. Above all, trained guides, quality elevator infrastructure system and obligatory suits for the visitors make this experience safe. After the descent into the volcano begins, you will feel adrenaline rush, as you will be surrounded by out-of-this-world scenery.

Watch the whales

In Reykjavik, you can pick between whale watching in the Whales of Iceland museum or the real-life watching in the harbor. Actually, enjoy both. In the museum, you will first have a chance to explore the life-size models and learn more about biology, anatomy, and whales’ behavior. Then, comes the practice: observe the whales from the Reykjavik harbor coast.

Enjoy the heavenly geothermal experience

Laugardalur means “Hot Spring Valley”. It is the biggest thermal pool in the capital. It is open during the whole year. Here, you will enjoy thermal springs, amazing spa facilities, rich botanical garden, and a great zoo. This place is the embodiment of an excellent combination of natural and artificial wonders.

Helicopter ride

Sightseeing was never this easy. One of the best tours in Reykjavik is the Heli ride. The most exciting thing about it is the fact that you can stop on the mountain top, leave the helicopter, and spend some time walking around before you continue exploring the city from a bird’s eye view!

Visit the Hallgrimskirkja

If you are keen on unusual architecture, visiting this church will be a must. You’ll have to prepare yourself for a decent walk up the hill. However, the views from the location are rewarding. This is a great place for sightseeing and taking photos. The greatest asset is the church’s unusual design and an amazing pipe organ. This is country’s biggest and best pipe organ, which attracts both musicians and tourists.

Except the Hedonistic city, “Baeinn” (meaning “The Town”), Reykjavik’s nickname is the Adventurous city as well. If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to visit this northern pearl, rent a car at Reykjavik airport, hop in, and start the unforgettable journey. In this way, you will be able to travel safely, at your own pace, and visit all the places you wish, according to your own schedule. Explore the unique nature, volcanos, geysers, and geothermal spas, wildlife, especially whales, and peculiar Icelandic architecture. Don’t miss the listed 5 attractions, but make sure to explore the area, as there are many other things to do and places to see.