Trip around Germany: 4 Cities You Must Visit

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is attractive for tourists and businesspersons. It is a country of international exhibitions and conferences, research centers and universities, castles and ancient towns, shopping and fairs, parks and world famous resorts, interesting tourist destinations and unique natural beauty.

Germany is a country of celebrations and festivals. The main among them is Oktoberfest, which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular folk festival in the world.

German cities are unique and beautiful and each has its own unforgettable image. The most visited cities in Germany are Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, as there is concentrated the greatest amount of great historical and natural attractions.

It is better to begin your travel from Frankfurt. Being the transport hub, Frankfurt accustomed to the arriving and departing people. If you want to enjoy comfort at a trip – choose car rentals at Frankfurt airport for discovering the interesting places. First, visit the Römerberg Square that has settled down around the main symbol of Frankfurt — a Gothic town hall Römer. Here is situated one of the largest showrooms of Germany —Shirn-Kunsthalle, the Museum of the Frankfurt Jewish community, the Museum of Modern Art Tortenstuk and the well-known church of Saint Paul.

To get from Frankfurt to Hamburg you need to drive 498 km long. Hamburg is the second after the Berlin by size and population. Hamburg consists on half of parks, squares, reserves, rivers, canals and lakes. Symbols of the city – The Grand Hall in Neo-Renaissance style and the Church of St. Michael with a 132-meter tower. In Hamburg, there ismany various museums, among which the best-known is Kunsthalle with a collection of works of arts of the 15-20th centuries. Surely visit the local Fish market (Fishmarkt), the Merchants’ district and Reeperbahn (red lights’ district).

The next point is Berlin – the capital of Germany, the largest city of the country. This is one of the most cheerful, living and comfortable cities in Europe. The road from Hamburg to Berlin makes 288 km. To enumerate all the attractions and entertainments of Berlin is very difficult, but you obviously must visit the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag,Berlin Cathedral, Red City Hall, Alexanderplatz square, Nicholas quarter, and, of course, the famous Island of Museums (Museumsinsel).

Further, we go to Munich – the capital of Bavaria. The distance between cities makes 585 km. Beer lovers should immediately follow to the Hofbräuhaus – the paradise of hop. You cannot pass through the Marienplatz – Munich’s central square. Munich is the city of museums  and galleries. They contain works of the great masters of Europe of XVIII – XIX centuries, such as Dürer, Rembrandt, Rubens and Leonardo da Vinci. German Theatre Museum BMW Museum are also places of interest.

The total length of the tour around the largest cities of Germany amounts to 1,371 km. Nevertheless, you do not even notice how you overcome this distance, because your attention will be focused on the unique nature of the wonderful country.