Ways On Making A Male Dog Get Attracted To A Female Dog

Is your female pet unnoticed by male dogs? Don’t wait for the heat season; you can do something. So how can you can you make a male show interest with a female dog?  In spite of uphill distance, male dogs are still capable of smelling females in heat, so that’s a great way to get started!

Generally, un-neutered dog will always show interest to a bitch.  It’s a good thing there are a couple of things that you can do in order to make the process go faster and make it more efficient. All you need to do is visit Gordon Vet Hospital website or to come up with a comfortable setting without event attempting to force the dogs. Mating should be done naturally if the bitch is in the heat.  So how can you make a male dog interested with a bitch?

Here are the procedures that you need to consider:

Make a comfortable setting during the mating process. You should be on the spot to monitor the process. Make sure that there are no crowd in the area because it can create a feeling of nervousness to the dogs.  If there are onlookers, give them warning no not to make distractions during the mating. It is advisable that the place is conducive for mating.

Leave the male and the female dogs in an enclosed premise. In case of experienced dogs, you can leave them in their own and spare yourself from any task. But when they are newbies, you might be needed on the spot. Say for instance, holding the collar of the female dog can help to restrict her from moving.

Allow your dog to flirt with other. You might have noticed that a female dog is flirting with male dogs in instances such as snapping, mounting and biting. You should also know that the foreplay of dogs last an hour. One more thing, you should not attempt to speed up the process of mating. Let it happen naturally.

In case where in the female dog shows excitement, you should support her posterior abdomen by using your hand. The purpose of this is to provide support and at the same time comfort to the dogs.  Not only that, it also helps the penis go smoothly in the vagina.

Do not attempt to pull the dog. There are some cases where in dog owners tend to pull away the dogs because the male dogs mount the head of the female initially. Take note that this is a normal event for inexperienced dogs. In a moment, the dog will make its way correctly.

In case of biting, you should pull the dogs away from each other. It usually happens if the bitch is not in her heat.

Do take note that it is a mistake to force male dogs to a bitch. However, if the female tends to say no to the male dog though she is in heat, you might want to consider artificial insemination. With this, the person that you can approach is a veterinarian. You need to talk to a highly esteemed Killara vet from Gordon Vet Hospital for this matter.

With these measures, you are now enlightened about the proper actions to get a male dog interested with a female one and what to do during mating in particular. If you still need more information, you better consult a vet specialist.