What Dash Cam Should You Buy?

Dash cams are fast becoming an essential purchase when it comes to buying a new car, or protecting your current vehicle. If you were involved in an accident, you would be able to capture vital evidence that can be used in an insurance claim. Also, it can capture any illegal activity expressed by other road users. When selecting the best dash cam, we believe you should consider these two models below.

Mobius Pro

The Mobius Pro is ideal if you wish to have a low profile dash camera. It lacks many of the advanced features which are quite common in other dash cams such as an LCD, g-sensor and suction technology.

In terms of size, the Mobius Pro is able to fit comfortably in your hand. This wouldn’t be possible if there was a screen with the technology. Instead of a suction pad, the Mobius Pro is fitted with Velcro, which is robust and long lasting.

The Mobius Pro was originally designed primarily to be a competitor to the GoPro, but it has seemed to have found its niche in the dash cam space. This means you can use it for other purposes. You could even attach it to your helmet if you make use of a motorcycle. Due to its small size, portability is not a problem.

The Mobius Pro also comes with three different settings with regards to its volume, which is not common in any dash cam product we have reviewed. There is also time lapse technology to make use of.

KD Links X1

If you would like a dash cam with a screen, then the KD Links X1 camera may be a good option for you. It is fitted with some nice additional features such as an emergency lock button. This ensures you can keep secure any collision media that you manage to collect. In terms of the field of view, it is fitted with a specially designed 6 glass lens, which enables the KD Links X1 to have a 165 degree view of view.

In terms of robustness, the X1 is waterproof and it comes with documentation of the various tests that it has passed. The battery is quite long lasting – around 6 hours of usage before it needs to be recharged. The camera is able to work in temperatures ranging from ‐40 F to 170 degrees Farenheit. So don’t worry about leaving the camera in a very hot car in the summer time!

It is possible to capture high definition videos using the camera. Standard resolution is also possible if storage is an issue. The X1 is also fitted with GPS, and it is possible to integrate the camera with Google Maps. When you view the footage, you can see where you were and how fast you were going. In terms of storage, the camera comes with an 8GB memory card. For more information about the latest dash cameras, check out www.portable.technology.