What Is Auto Detailing?

Our full-service car wash establishment is known for its auto detailing Scottsdale specialties. Need more than your average carwash? Looking into interior or exterior detailing? Want your wheels to look like a brand new car in a commercial? Visit us!

Why are car detailing services beneficial? Exterior detailing services include restoration: deep-cleaning and restoring paint finish, chrome trim, windows, mirrors, wheels, wheel wells, and tires. Detergents and acid-free degreaser products are used to break up soil and dirt. Contaminants are removed, which have become ground deep into the exterior, with the use of detail clay. Rubber and vinyl surfaces get reconditioned. Vehicle surfaces are smoothed over and re-surfaced using wax, buffing, and polish. These products also make the car so shiny that its reflectivity could take your breath away. Marks, scratches, and paint swirl marks can be removed. Auto detailers can also repaint your car, using mix-and-match paint matching – sometimes even matched to your car’s exact VIN. The process for paint touch ups involves prepping and cleaning, before filling in paint chips and deeper scratches with small amounts of custom-matched paint. An auto detailer waits until the paint “cures” over to make sure it’s gotten a strong surface bond. Then, these touch-ups are wet sanded to match the level of the rest of the paint. The detailer applies a highly durable sealant to seal and protect the repaired spot. Window detailing services involve the application – or removal of – window tints. Tinting provides sun shade protection to various delicate indoor surfaces to prevent fading by ultraviolet rays. Headlights can be given a makeover with dry and wet sanding, as well as polishes, to restore clarity to lights and wheels. Detailers will sometimes also use abrasive and (safe) chemical processes to get rid of water spots. This way mineral damage is prevented, like rusting and other weakening of the metal.Image result for What Is Auto Detailing?

Interior detailing processes are often deep cleaning all the surfaces inside of your car. There are many different types of materials and surfaces present inside vehicles, and these materials have changed over the decades – and, of course, each type of material may need a specific product to best clean it. Different products may be necessary to deep clean synthetic carpet upholstery, vinyl or leather seats, natural materials, carbon fiber composites, plastics, or whatever else you may have in your car.  Various techniques are employed, including steam cleaning, vacuuming, chemicals in liquid and foam form, brushes, and polishes. Sometimes the process involves shampooing of all rugs and carpeting, and cleaning right down to the door jamb, inside windows, and the trunk!

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